9MM Double Magazine Holder

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Our magazine holders are made of durable, lightweight polymer material that is resistant to impact, heat and scratch. And the side-clips design allows this double magazine pouch to fit many 9mm/.40 Mags in length 1.29'' - 1.37'', in width 0.78'' - 0.9'' in tool-free way while keep your mags locked and tight with no movement. This magazine carrier with the paddle allows you to quickly attach on and remove from your pants or belt in width up to 2". This mag holder also features a 60 degrees adjustable carry angle. Set your exact preference by simply adjusting the screw with Allen key(included). This magazine holster is designed for tactical training, hunting, military, the range, target shooting, law enforcement agencies, many situations request extra ammunition for your weapon.

Universal Double magazine Paddle Holder, Dual Stack Mag Pouch Fits Most 9mm/.40 Caliber Magazines.

Please take a look carefully at the following Mag Holder fits gun models list before purchasing.

  • Brand: Glock
  • Model: Glock 17/ 19/ 19x/ 22/ 23/ 25/ 26/ 27/ 31/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 35/ 37/ 38/ 39 (Gen1-5)
  • Brand: Sig Sauer
  • Model: Sig Sauer P320/ P250 FS/ P226/ P229/ SIG PRO 9 mm/ MK25/ P250 Compact 9mm/.40
  • Brand: S&W
  • Model: S&W Sigma/ SERIES 40, 59, 69/ SW99 9mm .40/M&P 9mm .40 .357
  • Brand: Beretta
  • Model: Beretta 92/A1/96/ PX4 Storm/ PX4 9mm/.40/PX4 F/ M9A3/ Compact Type F
  • Brand: Taurus
  • Model: Taurus 24/7/92/100/ PT909 9mm/ PT800 Series 9mm/.40/TH9/9c/TS9
  • Brand: Walther
  • Model: Walther PPX/ P88/ P99/ PPQ M1 (Classic), M2
  • Brand: Browning
  • Model: Browning BDM 9mm/ HI-Power 9mm/.40
  • Brand: H&K
  • Model: H&K P30 / VP9/ VP9SK/ P30 V3/ P30SK-V3/ SFP9-SF/ SFP9-SF PB/ SFP9-SF OR/ SFP9-SF SD/ SFP9 SK/ SFP-FX/ SFP9-Handling/ USP FS/ Compact 9mm/.40
  • Brand: Ruger
  • Model: Ruger SR9/ P89-P95 Series 9mm/.40
  • Brand: CZ
  • Model: CZ P-09/75 Tactical Sports/SP-01 Shadow/ SP-01/ Shadow 2/ P-10C/P07
  • Brand: Springfield Armory
  • Model: Springfield XD/ XDM 9mm/ .40/XDM-9 4.5/ XD-9 Mod 2 Tactical
  • Other Models: Steyr M Series; Colt 2000 9mm; EAA Witness 9mm/.40; Kel-Tec P11, P40; Magnum Baby Eagle 9mm/.40; FNH FNX-9; CANIK 9mm/40