Teleskopik Stock

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Teleskopik Stock

The Buttstock containts a recoil pad which assistants absorbing with soft plastic stock and new belting system for your AR & AK series and M 14-M16.

Advanatages :

  • Having buttstock moting option distance, 4 steps and each one of all 20mm, you aim the target more professionally.          
  • With cheek piece motion distance, you feel more comfortable during shooting.            
  • You have option to change the recoil pad in your own way.            
  • The latch under the buttstock two kind of step, first one is for stock motion and second one is for demountable.
  • New belting system provides great convenience for portability. 


  • Color : Black,Green, Beige
  • Stock Motion Distance : 80mm(4x20mm)
  • Compatibility : AR & AK Series and M 14-M16